Second Chances 7/22/14

Life has thrown Annie many curveballs, from her parents being killed to being attacked. Things are finally starting to look up for her after she locates the father of baby. Finding a great new family in the Millers, she believed nothing could taint her newfound happiness.

Or so she thought.

Shocking news that he was going to be a father slowly starts to fade for Jayden when he comes around to accepting Annie as a permanent fixture in his life. Finding Annie had been attacked shortly after coming home from deployment was a fear he had never felt. Thankful that Annie and their son were going to be okay, things are starting to look up for the soon to be parents as they take their time getting to know each other.

But what happens when life steals time?

Will they have regrets or take the second chance that life gives them and live it to the fullest?

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